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Our commitment for an increasingly eco-sustainable holiday

Pollution is one of the most topical global problems, plastic is one of the major pollutants of our seas and not only, and for this reason we want to contribute to creating more and more awareness in order to find solutions that counter the phenomenon and lead to a reduction in marine and environmental pollution.

And that is why we have decided to try to offer you a holiday aimed more and more at showing respect for the environment by reducing the consumption of disposable plastic with the installation of a water dispenser in the faciltiy, by buying electricity produced from renewable sources, installing solar panels for the production of domestic hot water and an electric car charging column, carrying out the separate collection of waste and many other measures in order to preserve the territory that hosts us.

The new water dispenser: for a plastic-free world

The installation of a water dispenser inside our facility has been very successful and popular with our guests.
It is the ideal way to offer an additional service to those who choose our facility by giving them the opportunity,
by simply pressing a button, to have filtered still or sparkling water at room temperature, or chilled.

Furthermore, inside the apartments, our guests will find bottles and jugs, which they can refill as needed.
With the dispenser we guarantee our guests filtered zero kilometer water, allowing them to reduce their consumption of plastic and to save money,
no longer having to buy bottles, which would inevitably be thrown away afterwards.
In addition, thermal water bottles are on sale, for all those who do not want to do without fresh water on the beach or during pleasant walks in the midst of nature.

Electricity from renewable sources
and ECODOC certification

Thanks to Edison's ECODOC trademark, a guarantee of sustainable supply, we can proudly say that our energy is 100% clean.

ECODOC stands for Electricity from Nature and certifies the purchase of 100% of the electricity produced from renewable sources.

The system, based on the RECS International certification system, is granted by Edison to those customers who,
being strongly sensitive to the environment, decide to get 100% of their electricity needs from clean sources.

Thermal solar panels for
the production of domestic hot water

The sun is a great source of energy, and by exploiting its heat we can produce domestic hot water for the entire facility.

Wall Box for charging electric cars

The future is now directed at electric vehicles, the numbers of electric and hybrid cars are increasingly on the rise,
so we decided to offer our guests the opportunity to recharge their electric car during their stay.

In addition, we have installed water flow reducers throughout the facility, LED and energy-efficient light bulbs, we have started to reduce disposable plastic by replacing it with eco-friendly materials, reusing rainwater; however, we are aware that in the future, many other expedients can still be adopted to offer you a holiday that is more and more eco-sustainable.

Oh, we almost forgot ...

... if during your stay you have some leftovers from your meals and/or kitchen waste, such as vegetables, fruit, etc., don’t throw them away,
as our hens will be very happy to have them and will thank you with some fresh zero- kilometer eggs!!
And for the little ones, there is also an opportunity to visit the chicken coop.

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